2017 Sidewalk Film Festival Opening credits

“What makes film a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.” - John Berger

For the 2017 Sidewalk Film Festival, I wanted to create something abstract and beautiful that captured the essence of John Berger’s poetic quote. The intangible beauty of sweeping shadows and dancing reflections coupled with the passage of time through a camera’s lens inspires me as a filmmaker.  This year's opening sequence is an ode to light and time and played at the festival prior to every screening across 10 venues and for 15,000 attendees.

Shot with practical effects and projection we used plexiglass, acrylic, black paint, magnetic sand, glass prisms, foamcore, transparencies, hot glue guns, fog machines and metal tubes. I even tried to have a piece of acrylic laser cut but it shattered. Lessons learned!

Directed | Edited | Animated:  Ali Clark & Brian Curtin
DP: Ali Clark
PA: Caleb Zorn
Hand Model: Ally Wallen
Special thanks: Dan Atchison
Created at Big 

2018 Gold Addy Award: Movie Trailer