2019 Sidewalk Film Festival Opening credits 

Great films have the power to lead an audience through a journey of emotion. For the 2019 Sidewalk Film Festival opening credits, I wanted to explore the wide range of emotions we feel while watching films and how those emotions manifest themselves in audible reactions. Horror movies make us gasp while a great romance might make us sniffle!

I also wanted to focus on the role of sound in cinema. Compelling dialogue, dynamic music, and rich sound design can indicate genre with minimal visual cues. I wanted to connect the dots between various genres of film and the audience's auditory responses while also challenging myself and experimenting in character animation.

Sidewalk wouldn't be possible without all the amazing organizations and individuals who make it happen. Their names deserve all the screen time and I hoped to create an animation that would not only be beautiful and inspiring but would give these sponsors the love they deserve.

A huge shoutout to my team! I treasure our collaboration and thank you deeply for your hard work.

Director / Animator: Ali Clark
Character Design: Chris Davis, Katie Thompson, Will Nash
Design & Backgrounds: Ali Clark, Tyra Robinson
Audio Post Production: Lane McGiboney & Van Gunter at Boutwell Studios
Account Executive: Logan Shoaf
Music Licensing: Amanda Paul
Voice Talent: Will Nash, Tyra Robinson, Jeremy Burgess, Allie Binford, Caleb Zorn, Julie Stanford, Ali Clark, Van Gunter, Mark Ervin
Created at Big

Sidewalk Film Festival 2019 WIP.jpg